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  1. Equipment Type: Channel Strip
    2. Brand: Manley
    3. Model: Voxbox
    4. Series: (as the case may be)
    5. Location & Quantity: Studio A
    6: Main Tech Specs:
  • MANLEY transformers w/nickel laminations in mu-metal cases
  • 2 kOhm MIC INPUT Z w/High current 48V Phantom power built-in
  • Hi-Z (100K) Direct Instrument Input
  • LINE & INSERT INPUTS (balanced XLR & 1/4")
  • PREAMP & EQ outputs LO-Z (50 Ohms)
  • Transformer balanced XLR outputs
  • Transformerless unbalanced 1/4"outputs
  • STEREO LINK for Compressor & De-esser/Limiter
  • THD + N (1KHz @ +20 dBu): 0.3%
  • Maximum output: +31dBu

7: Short Description: Channel Strip with Class A Microphone Preamplifier, Pultec-style Equalizer, Optical Compressor, De-esser/Limiter, and Switchable VU Meter
8: Who's Who: (legenta/poveste, cine l-a mai folosit, etc.)
9: Further Details: Full of features, timeless style, robust build quality, and that world-famous "Manley Sound".
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XLogic Superanalogue Channel Strip

  1. Equipment Type: Solid State Logic Super Analogue Channel Strip
    2. Brand: SSL
    3. Model: XLogic Superanalogue Channel
    4. Series: XLogic
    5. Location & Quantity: Studio A or B, as needed
    6: Main Tech Specs:

SuperAnalogue pre-amplifier with switched gain for easy reset

Twin-Curve Dynamics with selectable RMS or peak sensing

High and Low Pass Filters, with routing into the dynamics sidechain

G Series and E Series ˜Twin Curve™ EQ
7: Short Description: The Channel Strip from the XL 9000 K Console
8: Further Details: The SSL XLogic channel finally makes that world famous SSL sound and quality available to anyone who's ever dreamed about owning an SSL console. The XLogic Channel features the identical DC-coupled SuperAnalogue processing as the legendary million-dollar XL 9000 K Series console!