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Rack Equipment

Short Description # 1: Virtual Analogue Synth Module.

Brief Tech ID:

1. Equipment Type: Synthesizer Module
2. Brand: Access
3. Model: Virus Rack
4. Series: (as the case may be)
5. Location & Quantity: Studio C

6: Main Tech Specs:


  • Polyphony: 16 notes.
    • Multitimbrality: 16 parts.
    • Oscillators per Voice: Two (plus one sub-oscillator).
    • Analogue-style waveforms: Sawtooth, variable pulse, sine, and triangle.
    • Spectral waveforms: 62.
    • Number of filters per voice: Two.
    • Filter modes: Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject.
    • Maximum filter cutoff slope: 36dB per octave.
    • Number of LFOs per voice: Three.
    • Envelopes per voice: Two.
    • Number of arpeggiators: One per part.
    • Part effects: one chorus and one 'boost' per part.
    • Master effect: Delay/reverb.


  • Number of ROM Programs: 256.
    • Number of RAM memories: 256.
    • Number of Multis: 128.


  • Number of inputs: Three.
    • Number of outputs: Four.

Furher Details:

Equipment # 2 :
1. Equipment Type: I/O
2. Brand: Digidesign
3. Model: MIDI I/O
4. Series: (as the case may be)
5. Location & Quantity: Studio A and B, Quantity: 2
6: Main Tech Specs:
7: Short Description: MIDI I/O
8: Who's Who: (legenta/poveste, cine l-a mai folosit, etc.)
9: Further Details: (pe care le considerati voi necesare / importante,
incepand de la alte fotografii pe care le avem cu el, povesti cu el din
istoricul INES, etc.)
10: Links: (pe pagina producatorului, daca mai este in productie, pe pagina
unor celebritati, si/sau review-uri importante, articole in reviste de
specialitate, etc.).

Equipment # 3:
1. Equipment Type: Sampler
2. Brand: Korg
3. Model: Triton Rack
4. Series: (as the case may be)
5. Location & Quantity: Studio C
6: Main Tech Specs:

The Triton Rack is a 60-note polyphonic, 16-part multitimbral synth module, with a full-featured built-in sampler which can load AIFF, WAV and Akai S1000/3000 sample data. This programmable instrument provides a wide selection of high-quality sounds ranging from traditional, orchestral and electronic instrument emulations to synth, pad and drum sounds, produced using the powerful HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system. Built-in multi-effects run to two master treatments, five insert effects and one master EQ, and dual polyphonic arpeggiators are featured, as is a pattern sequencer and real-time pattern-play facility. New sounds can be added to the synth via the MOSS Z1 synthesis board option and up to eight PCM expansion boards.
7: Short Description: Expandable Sound Module/Sampler

Equipment # 4:
1. Equipment Type: Sampler
2. Brand: AKAI
3. Model: Z8
4. Series: Z
5. Location & Quantity: Studio A
6: Main Tech Specs:
• Sampling formats: 24- or 16-bit at 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz with 64-times oversampling A-D converter and 128-times oversampling D-A converter.
• Memory: 16MB as standard, expandable to 512MB using 168-pin DIMMs.
• Polyphony: 64 voices (32 voices when system clock is set to 96KHz).
• Multitimbrality: 128 parts.
• Envelope generators: three digital envelope generators.
• Filters: three two-pole filters with resonance, 32 filter types.
• LFOs: two multi-wave LFOs.
• Connections: Record In (two balanced quarter-inch jacks), Stereo Out and eight assignable analogue outs (all on balanced quarter-inch jacks), headphones, two MIDI Ins, two MIDI Out/Thrus, SCSI (50-pin connection), S/PDIF digital I/O, two USB sockets (one host socket, one slave).
• Multi-effects: four-buss design with more than 40 effect types.
• MIDI: 32 channels.
7: Short Description: Hardware Sampler