The Radius 20, with its combination of solid state circuitry and vacuum
tube technology, does not only alter the sound of an input when required,
but also improve its tonality, ensuring every instrument or mix sounds
just the way it's intended to. Drums become tighter and more punchy,
guitars are made to cut through any texture, and many different vocal
effects may be achieved, limited only by your imagination. Four bands of
fully parametric equalization provide complete control. With variable gain,
frequency and bandwidth, the Radius 20's comprehensive controls are
designed for familiarity and ease of use. And with the addition of an EQ
bypass switch, any added equalization may be removed for instant A/B
signal comparison. Both channels feature a front panel 1/4" jack
instrument input so that, when rack mounted in the studio, the Radius 20
is quickly accessible. Overall levels are managed by the input and output
gain controls, controlling the amount of tube effect required

Two channels of four band parametric tube
Balanced and unbalanced line inputs and outputs with
gain controls.
1/4" jack instrument input on the front panel for each
EQ has ±15dB gain, variable Q and variable frequency:
LF band - 30Hz and 1kHz,
LM band - 100Hz and 3kHz,
HM band - 1kHz and 12kHz,
HF band - 3kHz and 20kHz.
EQ bypass switch for each channel.
Drive and peak LEDs indicate the degree of tube
warming and warn of low headroom.
Stabilised 150V DC power supply

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