Equipment of the Highest Standards

Studio A

Studio A is an AVID S6 room based around a Pro Tools HDX2 Ultimate system with DAD AX32 interfaces. There are 3 monitoring systems: Focal Near Fields, Dynaudio AIR20 for Midfield monitoring and Genelec 1034B Mains with a sub. AVIOM monitoring with 16 personal mixers for the musicians. Various analog Preamps and Compressors.

Studio B

Studio B is based around a Pro Tools HDX Ultimate system with an AVID OMNI interface and an AVID S3 surface controller. Dynaudio AIR20 monitors.


SONY C800G tube (2 pieces), NEUMANN M149 (tube), NEUMANN U87 Ai, Soundelux U99 (tube), AKG, C414 – matched pair, NEUMANN TLM 103, NEUMANN BCM104, Neumann KM184, Earthworks QTC30 – matched pair, Earthworks QT25 Drum Kit, ROYER LABS R122 – matched pair, Sennheiser MD421, AKD D112, Shure SM57, Granelli 57, Shure SM58